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Making Edible Incredible

About us

Dee`s Cake Boutique is a Johannesburg based company specializes in custom designer cakes for all occasions.
Baking has always been my passion from way back since I was 8 years old and in 2018,I finally opened my business to share my passion with the world.
We handcraft every custom cake with the utmost care and attention to detail, using the freshest quality ingredients to create delicious and flawless product.
We transform birthdays(for the young and young at heart) into sweet memories that will last a lifetime, enhance a wedding with one of our epic creations

Available Flavours & Filling options

Available Flavours & Filling options

Vanilla buttercream, bubblegum, berry compote & passion fruit

Chocolate buttercream, Chocolate fudge & Ganache

Chocolate buttercream, Caramel,  Chocolate fudge, Mint  & Ganache

Caramel, Chocolate fudge & Ganache

Salted caramel, & Caramel buttercream

Cream cheese

Cream cheese

Oreo buttercream

Cream cheese and Blueberry compote

Lemon uttercream

These are our popular flavours, however we are not only limited to above mentioned

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